The DelStar Series, heavy duty brushless alternators are an integral charging system of an innovative design. The compact, heavy duty construction provides efficiency and increased service life expected to match the longer maintenance intervals of today’s engines, while providing a performance level without parallel.

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Manufacturer/CompetitorDelco Remy DelStar UpgradeDelStar Upgrade
Part No.19011003 100-16100100-16103
Series23SI 161160
DesignBrushless BrushlessBrushless
MountJ 180 4" Short Hinge 4" J180 Short Hinge4" J180 Short Hinge
Volts12 1212
Amps @ 2000 RPM (Rotor) 75A 116A126A
Amps @ 6000 RPM (Rotor) 145A 200A240A
GroundNegative NegativeNegative
RegulatorInternal InternalInternal
Pulley- --
Product Specs. 100-16100"100-16103"
Technical Bulletin

The DelStar alternators are extremely efficient and high amperage output. Ensure alternator cables are adequate to handle the alternator output current. Voltage drop between Alternator B+ (Output Terminal) and Battery B+ (Positive Terminal) should not exceed 0.5 Volts drop at full alternator output.


NOTICE: Specifications and connections provided are believed to be correct at the time of publication.
Verify connections before replacing the unit.